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Braun 100 Years

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The one-of-a-kind brand celebrates its heritage of ‘good design’ throughout 2021

On the day Max Braun first opened his appliances workshop in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, a hundred years ago, Braun announces a limited-edition founding belief that ‘good design’ is useful, simple and built to last.

Braun’s origins can be traced to 1921 when Max Braun opened a workshop to repair manufacturing conveyor belts, which ensured they lasted longer. His sons Artur and Erwin (with the Ulm School of Design) built on his passion for durability with a humanistic outlook when they took over the company in 1951 with a focus on user-centric design. In contrast to the mid-century’s ornate design style, they only brought to market products that served a need, simplified everyday living and could stand the test of time. The idea of ‘good design’ for millions in terms of form and function was immortalized in the 1970s by Braun’s head of design, Dieter Rams, and still rings today.

To commemorate its 100th anniversary, Braun has created a limited-edition set of its leading products across Grooming and Personal Care, Household Appliances, Watches and Clocks, and Audio Systems*. The 100th Anniversary Collection has been designed for what matters in today’s life with special features including a stylish carry case to elevate everyday experiences, especially with more time spent in the home. In a category first, all the products in the 100th Anniversary Collection feature a five- year warranty that confirms Braun’s commitment to designing and manufacturing products that are built to last.

The brand will also run a year-long programme of events and collaborations on the theme of ‘Good Design for a Better Future’. After 2020’s lockdowns, users – especially younger ones – face an uncertain future and seek quality and purpose with a ”less but better” philosophy. In its centenary year, Braun believes the time is right to open up the dialogue on ‘good design’ beyond the design community by inspiring and engaging the next generation of design students and users. Throughout 2021, Braun brings leaders from the worlds of design, fashion and youth culture together to share their views on what ‘good design’ means today and how ’good design’ can positively impact future lifestyle, education and the world.

Professor Oliver Grabes, Head of Global Braun Design, said: “We have a unique opportunity with our centenary year to open up the dialogue around our founding principles of what Braun believes ‘good design’ is – useful, simple and built to last – and what its impact can be for the next 100 years. We have put an exciting programme of activity together with leaders in their fields who are defining what culture and design are today as well as offering extended warranties on our 100th Anniversary Collection. 2021 is a unique opportunity for design lovers, especially younger generations, to get involved in ‘good design for a better future’ because, at the heart of it all, Braun is about user-centric design and we want the brand to stand the test of time.”